Bog Snorkeling – World Championship

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Have you ever heard about Bog Snorkeling ?

It is like snorkeling but the weird and funny version of it. Bog snorkelers have to snorkel in a water-filled trench in Wales. The trench is 60 yards (55meters) and the participants have to do a round trip in the shortest time possible, the fastest wins.

bog snorkeling

As for snorkeling the athletes wear fins and snorkels. They only rely on their leg strength because using harms is forbidden. Wearing a wetsuit is not mandatory but is often worn as well as a funny costume.

Bog snorkeling exists since 1976, it started in Wales as a result of an over-the-bar conversation.

Bog Snorkeling 2015 Championship

The World Bog Snorkeling Championship took place on the 30th of August, the competition runs every year since 1985. The profits of the event go to a local charity organisation every year. The World Record is currently held by Kristy Jonhson with a time of 1min 22.56 seconds in 2014

bog snorkeling elvis presley

This year 150 hardy competitors from every part of the world jumped bravely into the bog in the name of sport. The conditions weren’t optimal because of the wind. But the outfits were as usual a good entertainment. The audience could see, a fish, a a shark, a princess, a turtle or even Elvis Presley ! The motivations of the participants are pretty much a mystery … Except for the craziness that goes with the event and the challenge !

This year ladies prize is the Swedish Eva Jonasson (1min31s) and the men prize goes to the Bristish Haydn Pitchforth (1min26s) who also won 9 years ago.

Most of the Bog Snorkeling events take place in Wales but some of them in Ireland, Australia and Sweden. There is a Bog Snorkeling Triathlon (swim/bike ride/run) or even a Mountain Bike Bog Snorkeling event.



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