Underwater target shooting

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Underwater target shooting is a sport which was created in France 20 years ago. The underwater hunters have developed it in order to practice. At the beginning the shooting take place vertically (from the surface to the ground). Nowadays the sport has 4 disciplines.

Four Disciplines

–          Marksmanship: the man dives for 10 minutes to complete 10 shots in apnea on a submerged target. The target is located at a distance of 4 meters from the point of the arrow.

–          Biathlon: the diver must perform a timed route and shot the target. The start is located 15 meters from the target; after each shoot the diver must return to the starting point and he have to shoot again, all the course is in apnea. The final score is a calculation between the shooting accuracy and the time that the diver has to make during the course.

–          The super biathlon: as well as the biathlon it is a timed route, however it is different because the start is a 10 meters, they have 5 shoots to make, and the diver must have made 3 of his 5 shoots with a total of 475 points.

–          The relay: it is composed of 4 divers per team; they have to perform two non-consecutive shots. The start begins at 15 meters from the target.  The maximum running time is 10 minutes.

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