Under The Pole, Deepsea the expedition

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Divers under the pole

Under the pole, the expedition

“In the extreme North, through the most inaccessible and inhospitable frozen immensities, under the ice floe in the middle of winter, or in the melting icebergs in the summer…

The submarine exploration of High Arctic, down to the greatest depths accessible to man.”

After the first edition ” Deepsea under the pole by Rolex” in 2010,

Team ” Under the Pole” left for a journey of 22 months Under the Pole.

The expedition…

The team is made up of more than a dozen people who are mostly French. Deepsea the expedition aims to explore the seabed in the hidden face of Arctic and Antarctic polar regions. Also to identify the biodiversity for better understanding in this extreme environment studying the relationship between the atmosphere, ice and the ocean.

The temperature  of the water ranges between 2 ° C and -1.8 ° C.Deepsea the expedition proves Man’s adaptability in these harsh conditions under the pole and how much boundaries can be pushed.

“…down to the greatest depths accessible to man.”

This expedition is filmed, which allows them to bring rare images to the world .

Under the pole, divers will dive up to 130 meters deep lasting 3 hours which could be challenging in such extremities .


© Benoit Poyelle / Deepsea Under The Pole by Rolex


 A sea butterfly Clione or Limacena (found in the dark waters of the Arctic)


© Benoit Poyelle / Deepsea Under The Pole by Rolex

The submarine Under The Pole expedition is something of an unusual human adventure that will reveal the underwater face of the sea-ice at the North Pole, a hidden world that remains little known because it is so difficult to access.

In all, the expedition will tell the story of the way the morphology of the sea-ice is evolving, as well as the life and ecosystems that go with it.

Follow this incredible expedition on their official website which would post daily videos of their expedition :


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