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Tunas are saltwater fish. This family is composed by fifteen species. Their sizes vary greatly, ranging from the bullet tuna (50cm) to the atlantic tuna (5 m). These species is present all over the world from the north of Atlantic to the south of Pacific.

  • Pacific.
  • Indian.
  • Atlantic.

Their respiratory systems are unique, in fact they are using this technique to get a warmer body temperature than the water temperature. An active and agile predator, the tuna has a sleek, streamlined body,

The tuna is also one of the fastest-swimming pelagic fish, for exemple some of them (yellowfin tuna), is able of speeds of up to 75 km/h .

Tuna is a fish species with a matured reproductive rates they got a sexual maturity at 4 years old, and can reproduce once per year, survival of tuna eggs is very high , which explains its abundance.

Found in hot waters , it is extensively fished commercially, and is popular as a game fish.

As a result of over-fishing, stocks of some tuna species have been reduced dangerously close to the point of extinction.

For example: the Bluefin Tuna Ju got the protection as a species in danger of extinction.

In some culture, more precisely in the Japanese culture some tunas are really appreciated as sushi or sashimi (the yellowfin tuna and the red tuna (toro)).

Funny fact about the tunas: the Toro is known as one of the most tasty and refined meal in the world.

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna swimming into the ocean

Yellowfin Tuna swimming into the ocean

Yellowfin tuna inhabits both in the surface and deep the oceans. Most of them are living in deep offshore waters but some of them live close to the beaches.

Yellow fishes often travel in group called “schools”, they usually live with similarly sized tunas and some other species of tunas are sometimes part of these schools.

Usually this they eat:

  • Squids.
  • Octopus.
  • Smaller fishes.

The yellow tuna is not consider as a endangered species but the fishing is partly controlled by the governments.

  • Control of the “sport” fishing.
  • Control of the excessive fishing.

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