Prototype: Triton Oxygen Respirator

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Breathe underwater like a fish is a dream for many divers, in the future this may be real with the Triton Oxygen Respirator.

Korean developer Jeabyun Yeon in collaboration with the designer Accord is currently developing a respirator underwater, which can make us think of the respirator used by Qui Gon Jin and Obiwan Star Wars.

Star wars triton

Triton Oxygen Respirator is like gills for human

It would a device that would mimic the gills, of a fish. The machine as the fish body can capture oxygen molecules present in the water. Triton Oxygen  Respirator has two filters that capture smaller than the water molecules of oxygen molecules; there is also a compressor which allows compressing and storing these molecules. Then the aspiration is through the mouth. This invention could revolutionize the world of diving.

Triton 1 Triton 2 Triton 3 Triton 4

However, the invention is still at the prototype stage. Some critics say it will never succeed.

We don’t have the Triton Oxygen Respirator at SSS Phuket but you can still dive with us at :


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