The seventh continent

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The seventh continent that is how is called the millions of tons of waste that is found in the oceans.

It was discovered in 1997 by Charles Moore while he was in Hawaii. Although he was passing with his crew in an area across the Pacific called “Gyre”, it is a meeting point of different currents. He then realizes that the area is filled with plastic waste. The using term continent invented by journalists is not representative of its appearance. This area more like a “plastic soup” rather than a continent, it contains visible pieces as well as invisible for human eyes. This composition is coming from 80% of tourist source from the coast. This pile of waste is not without consequences; in this area the development of life is very difficult. The sun is struggling to get through this “soup”, and the light input for the development of marine life is not sufficient. Moreover the consumers fish plankton such as whales aspirate the waste. It was found a whale with over 17kg of plastic in the body which caused its death.

6 times the size of France

This plastic continent would be big as 6 times the size of France; there are five major areas where the plastic wastes are gathering.


Here is a link of the TED talk’s website where Captain Charles Moore explains the consequences of this ecological disaster.

If you want to know more about the seventh continent, here is below a link to an article Citizenpost :

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