The future snorkeling: Platypus

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A new machine has been invented by the company Platypus Craft. This Start-Up is specialized in the design, development, and selling of innovative nautical craft for the professionals nautical market and for the military market. But what is this machine?


Platypus innovation

This invention has been named “Platypus” and revolutionized the underwater exploration. This gear is semi-submersible and allows you to navigate on the surface and in the water. The nacelle on which are the passengers can go down to a depth of 2 meters, is projected by two out-edges engines, electrical or petrol, and is designed to accommodate electric motors or thermal, it’s up to you. Moreover, the breathing is ensured by an electric air compressor integrated in the floats.

This small jewelry is easy to maintain, easy to use, ensures the decompression and much more!

I will let you discover all the qualities of this gem by yourself:

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