The fish man : Tim Arrow

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Tim Arrow a South African diver has established a new world record by remaining 10 days, so 240 hours under water and thus has beaten the previous record of Michael Stephens who had remained under water for 212 hours. Therefore our diver has largely beaten the record in remaining 28 hours more underwater; however this was not without risk.

Indeed, when he pulled out of the water, his skin was totally puckered at the level of the hands and feet in fact of layers of dead skin. Tim Arrow was fed by a tube with food without fiber and his sleep was extremely difficult. If he had continued the experience, his health could have been put in danger. In fact his skin could have been decomposed and subsequently it could have been exposed to many infections and could have fallen seriously ill.

But of course everything is going well for our diver and we’ll probably see another guy who wants to try to beat this new record.

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