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Thanks to the double box HERO system you can film and take pictures at the same time for then create Gopro 3D content. Video sequences can be synchronized and then converted into 3D using the GoPro Studio editing software. Namely that the double box HERO system is only compatible with GoPro HERO3 + Black Edition. The case can hold two … Read More

Dive GoPro, colors and contrast

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Dive GoPro is great and saving these memories gets even better !   Diving GoPro using the GoPro3+ camera  is the way to go as it is the TOP pick for its category! How you handle the camera underwater while you dive GoPro is essential. It can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many accessories that would be able to help in … Read More

Oarfish discovered by tourists near Mexico.

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On the sea of Cortès tourists have made a funny encounter; they filmed the legendary oarfish or fish tape. These fishes were filmed only a few times, in fact he lives in the ocean depths (1000m). That is why this video is an unusual document. The Oarfish The oarfish gets its name from the Latin Word “regalis” meaning royal. … Read More