Phuket Best Scuba Diving

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Phuket is one of the top spots for best scuba diving . Thailand is known all over the world for its beautiful nature and wild islands. It is though not difficult to figure out why Phuket has one of the best scuba diving. Phuket is surrounded by many islands, each of them different from another. All these islands have their … Read More

Phuket Best Snorkeling

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You have The choice. You can choose from different spots around the world. But why not famous Phi Phi Islands or the protected National Park of the Similan Islands. You can choose from a depth of 3 to 40 metres. You can choose to meet people or to be on your own with your own private boat. You can choose Phuket … Read More

Fishing techniques: the reefs are in danger

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Indeed overfishing is deteriorating marine fauna and coral reefs. Over 20% of coral reefs have been destroyed.  Not only has the global warming deteriorated the ecosystem but also mass tourism and especially certain fishing techniques. Non-ecological fishing techniques –          Bottom trawling is a very destructive fishing technique. Boats sink their weighted at the bottom of the water and then shoot … Read More