Dive GoPro, colors and contrast

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Dive GoPro is great and saving these memories gets even better !   Diving GoPro using the GoPro3+ camera  is the way to go as it is the TOP pick for its category! How you handle the camera underwater while you dive GoPro is essential. It can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many accessories that would be able to help in … Read More

Plastic pollution, we can reduce it

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Plastic Invasion in our Oceans Plastic pollution is everywhere. There are tons of plastic in our Oceans. Marine animals become sick or die because of it. Plastic entangles and injures them. Most of these plastic waste items are highly buoyant, allowing them to travel in currents for thousands of miles. Marine debris is a global transboundary pollution problem. Plastic pollution … Read More

Oceans and drugs

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Many drugs are derived from plant and animal species. In fact 155,000 products from natural resources of the earth have been marketed, against 11,000 products of marine origin. Drugs from the ocean That is why the scientists are turning more to the seabed because according to them, 80 to 95% of the living organisms in the oceans have not been … Read More

SOS !!!

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  No panic! This acronym means Support Ocean Sanctuaries and it is a Greenpeace international campaign in which the Organization engage itself to maintain and improve the marine life by contesting against the major forces of destruction of the oceans which are overfishing, mining, drilling, pollution, and, climate changes. You too, you can send an SOS to Greenpeace and support … Read More