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Thanks to the double box HERO system you can film and take pictures at the same time for then create Gopro 3D content. Video sequences can be synchronized and then converted into 3D using the GoPro Studio editing software. Namely that the double box HERO system is only compatible with GoPro HERO3 + Black Edition. The case can hold two … Read More

Phuket Best Scuba Diving

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Phuket is one of the top spots for best scuba diving . Thailand is known all over the world for its beautiful nature and wild islands. It is though not difficult to figure out why Phuket has one of the best scuba diving. Phuket is surrounded by many islands, each of them different from another. All these islands have their … Read More

Dive GoPro, colors and contrast

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Dive GoPro is great and saving these memories gets even better !   Diving GoPro using the GoPro3+ camera  is the way to go as it is the TOP pick for its category! How you handle the camera underwater while you dive GoPro is essential. It can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many accessories that would be able to help in … Read More

Under The Pole, Deepsea the expedition

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Divers under the pole

Under the pole, the expedition “In the extreme North, through the most inaccessible and inhospitable frozen immensities, under the ice floe in the middle of winter, or in the melting icebergs in the summer… The submarine exploration of High Arctic, down to the greatest depths accessible to man.” After the first edition ” Deepsea under the pole by Rolex” in … Read More

Astronauts trains in scuba diving.

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NASA will begin its training program for a team compound by Americans, Japanese and Canadian astronauts. The training will take place in the Atlantic near from the coast of Florida. The mission The mission consists in the exploration of an asteroid and the main problem is that asteroids do not have attraction, the gravity is very low, almost nonexistent. So … Read More

Diving in wheelchair

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With fins or wheels, it seems to operate as well. The British artist Sue Austin, who is on a wheelchair for 20 years following a long illness, has decided to use a submarine seat for expressing herself and achieve his artwork. Sue Austin has for goal to fight prejudice on disabled people, and induced the latter to find satisfaction in … Read More

The fish man : Tim Arrow

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Tim Arrow a South African diver has established a new world record by remaining 10 days, so 240 hours under water and thus has beaten the previous record of Michael Stephens who had remained under water for 212 hours. Therefore our diver has largely beaten the record in remaining 28 hours more underwater; however this was not without risk. Indeed, … Read More

Infinite scuba

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Infinite scuba is the title of the video game developed by Cascade Game Foundry in partnership with the association PADI which allows you to learn to dive. This simulation offers a virtually exploration in real dives sites. You can see the fish species present at each site, you can photograph them, look for objects in the sea … But the … Read More