Soft Coral : 4 species

  • Giant sea fan Soft coral
  • Black soft coral
  • red whip soft coral
  • klunzingeri soft coral

Soft corals do not produce hard calcium skeletons like stony corals but instead spiny skeletal elements. It confers to these corals support and makes their flesh spiky in order to deter predators.

Soft corals are less dependent on photosynthesis than their stony counterparts, allowing them to grow in waters with less intense light. Polyps are usually long and efficient to catch every free floating food within reach, such as zooplankton. They are essential in the good functioning of the reef ecosystem and provide habitat for fish, snails, algae and a diversity of other marine species.


Giant Sea Fan

giant sea fan soft coral

A mighty giant sea fan,populated by a myriad of fish

This specie can measure up to 2 meters wide. It has a flexible skeleton, growing in a unique plane and taking the shape of a fan.


Black Coral

black soft coralThe name of this coral refers to the inner skeleton color. Its external coloration is actually red, with white polyps. These corals do not hold algae in their tissues to feed them. They are not restricted to the lighter surface regions and can grow in deep areas with strong currents, which facilitate the zooplankton supply.

Red Whip Coral

Red Whip Soft CoralThese corals live on hard surfaces such as rocks or reefs. They are long and slender with a red coloration. Polyps look like small white dots connected to the general skeleton.


Klunzingeri Soft Coral

A grouping of klunzingeri soft corals forming an "underwater forest"

A grouping of Klunzingeri Soft Corals forming an “underwater forest”

These corals are arboreal. Their rubbery branches end with small knobs, making them look like broccoli. Polyps emerge and extend their tentacles at night to feed.


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