Similan Islands

similan island

Similan Islands are composed of nine different uninhabited islands in the Andaman sea. “Sembilan” actually means nine or a group of nine in Malay or Yawi. The Islands are named North to South :

Koh Bon
Koh Bayu
Koh Similan
Koh Payu
Koh Miang
Koh Tachai
Koh Payan
Koh Payang
Koh Huyong

Since 1984, the Similan Islands are a preserved national park opened from November to May. After years of dynamite fishing, fishing is now forbidden and unwanted visitors have been replaced by tourists.

Koh Similan (the biggest island) and Koh Miang are the only Islands where the Park Rangers reside and the overnight guests have the right to stay. The other Islands remain preserved.

The Thai Royal Family is now bringing a special care to the Islands. The princess comes almost every year and had a “cabin” built for her.

Similan Islands have a beautiful landscape, with the finest white sandy beaches, amazing coral reefs, turquoise waters and cooling breezes. These waters are home to a huge variety of marine life and it is a great occasion to see endangered species. Similan Islands are often referred to one of the best dive spots in the world thanks to their great diversity, marine flora and fauna, waters, beaches, birds, animals, etc … Moreover it is not uncommon to encounter Whale Sharks and Manta Ray.

Similan Islands

Similan Islands are located at 50 km from Khao Lak and it is still very wild, there are no stores and resorts, but only rangers stations and a few bungalows available for rent. Similan Islands are the perfect destination to see the wildlife unaltered by human activity.

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