Shark Point

Shark Point

Shark Point located to the pinnacle Hin Musang which means “Asian Palm Civet Rock”. Technically the place appears as a small rock but this area covers a huge density in fauna and flora with a colorful seabed. You probably want to know why it is called “Shark Point” ? It is simple, because in this place reside many Reef and Bamboo Sharks resting on the seafloor. If you’re lucky you may also see a Leopard Shark, less common these days.


The dive site is divided in 3 pinnacles from North to South:

  • Shark Point 1: The one site visible from the surface (a cross sited on a rock to warn boats)
  • Shark Point 2: The top of this site is around 5 meters
  • Shark Point 3: The top of this site is around 10 meters

It is possible to visit the 3 dive sites in one dive but this latter must be quick. You could spend days there exploring the incredible abundance of fauna and flora in each Point.

These water overflow with colorful corals and school of fishes. You must see Turtles, Tigertail, Sea Horse, Ornated Ghost Pipefish, Octopuses, Cuttlefish, and much more !

In 1992, Shark Point has been declared part of a Marine Sanctuary. The profusion of marine life you can find in this place justify that protection. The protected area is 2.5km radius around the western limits of Shark Point itself. Any harmful activity such as comercial fishing, collection of marine organisme ect … is prohibited.

Shark Point


Shark Point is located at 25 km East of Phuket so 1h15 by boat and counts 3 dive sites as said before. We offer dive in Shark Point all year long. For further information, like dive sites, costs, day trips, etc. Visit our website SSS Phuket.

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