Scuba Diving 10 Health Benefits

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Scuba Diving 10 Health Benefits that will make you want to dive right away !

Scuba diving 10 Health Benefits

Scuba Diving is a wonderful sport, we all know that. It is enjoyable, relaxing and you see some incredible things underwater. But what we don’t usually know it’s that it is good for your health. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, scuba diving can provide you various benefits.

scuba diving 10 health benefits

Here is a a Top 10 of the health benefits of scuba diving :

Physical fitness 

Swimming provides you a cardiovascular and a muscular workout as your body moves against the water natural pressure. It is one of the best aerobic modes and anaerobic work you can imagine.

Flexibility and strength :

As you probably already know, your muscles work harder when you’re underwater, because of the water and currents resistance. This helps strengthen your muscles and it develops your flexibility and endurance. Diving fortifies your muscles in your shoulders and thighs, therefore giving you a better posture.

Healing effects of the water

This effect of the water on our body is pretty unknown. Being at depth is a healing factor, it has been demonstrated by researchers that remained underwater for several weeks. At depth the body uses oxygen to repair tears and cuts that might be in tissues within our body.


In order to optimize your air consumption and bottom time while diving you must breath calmly and deeply. By doing so you naturally reduce the risk of lung-expansion injuries.

Social health benefit 

Diving is a social activity, you’ll meet plenty of people sharing the same passion as yours. It is an activity that makes friendship easy. It is an exhilarating feeling to go out of the water with a bunch of wonderful memories that you’ll be able to share with good companions.

Stress reliever 

While diving you reach a state close to meditation, you’re relaxed and free of all the daily life problems. Slow and deep breathing help to reach that state. Diving helps to reduce stress and balance your nervous system. It has been proven to prevent depression.

Travel to warm climates :

Traveling is one of the best form of education and helps you to be more open-minded. Dive travels will make you discover new culture, people, landscape … You’ll also meet people sharing your interest for the underwater world and come back home with a better insight into the world.


Sunlight provides us with vitamin D, it promotes the absorption of calcium in our body and its transference within the cells. Therefore this supplies us with strength to our bones and increases our endorphin production in the brain. All of this for a healthier nervous system.

Improve blood circulation 

Diving is a sport, by using all of your body muscles at the same time, you do a full cardiovascular workout. As your muscles require more oxygen your blood vessels open to improve circulation.

Reduce blood pressure 

Related to your blood circulation improvement, diving can help to lower your blood pressure. Divers are less likely to have strokes or heart attacks.

scuba diving 10 health benefits

So now you have 10 more reasons to dive as often as you can !

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  1. Wow, I would have never guessed that there were so many physical and mental health benefits to learning how to scuba dive. Although a lot of them do make sense, especially ones like strength since you’re constantly having to move yourself through the water. Of course, if if it can help with stress relief like you point out in the article then I might have to give that a try sometime.

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