Plastic pollution, we can reduce it

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Plastic Invasion in our Oceans

Plastic pollution is everywhere. There are tons of plastic in our Oceans.

Marine animals become sick or die because of it. Plastic entangles and injures them. Most of these plastic waste items are highly buoyant, allowing them to travel in currents for thousands of miles.

Marine debris is a global transboundary pollution problem.

Plastic pollution is a cause for concern.

We decided to share an info-graphic about plastic pollution in our oceans.

It is a more interactive and interesting way to learn.

The facts and figures are astounding and we would encourage you to visit the official the official site of this page. It is very informative. Most importantly, it has a purpose and is pro-active in promoting initiatives to save the oceans.

Plastic Pollution Infography

Plastic pollution Infographic


As surfing and diving instructors, we face plastic pollution every single day.

Paddling is tough enough. Surfers do not need extra plastic to increase the resistance. The plastic mess destroys the beauty of the sea. 

“What ends up in the oceans, ends up in you.”

While diving, it is evening more disturbing. Seeing plastic bags covering beautiful colorful corals is a suffocating sight! Imagine having plastic slam in your face while diving, at least you can remove it because the marine animals cannot and then they choke and die.

SSS Phuket advise our customers to play a part in cleaning up by picking and putting one or two plastic objects in their pockets   and dispose it in the right way when they find something. You do not need to clean the entire beach but this little gesture can be very helpful if everyone does it.

Inconsiderate behaviour can cause so much harm to our oceans,sometimes even unknowingly. We would like to urge you to play a part in conserving our oceans. Act on it!

SSS Phuket would like to share some useful links about marine lifescuba diving and surfing  in Phuket.

Please feel free to contact us here should you have any other queries.

We hope that this would raise the awareness of the prevalent problem the oceans are experiencing today.

Food for thought -“What ends up in the oceans, ends up in you.”

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