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Phuket is one of the top spots for best scuba diving . Thailand is known all over the world for its beautiful nature and wild islands. It is though not difficult to figure out why Phuket has one of the best scuba diving.

Phuket is surrounded by many islands, each of them different from another. All these islands have their own specificity, their own fauna and flora. Its diversity is what makes Phuket best scuba diving.

Phuket Best Scuba Diving Sites

The main dive sites that SSS Phuket proposes to dive in are on the coastline of the Island or in some neighbouring islands.

The main areas that makes Phuket best scuba diving are :

Corals - Phuket Best Scuba Diving


Koh Doc Mai : It is also  called  the Flower  Island. It got its name from its  flower  shape  that you  can  admire  form an aerial  view. Underwater  part is an island where you can find all kind of corals   (harps, sea fans, anemones, sponges, soft corals) just to name a few.


SSS Phuket Divers with Manta Rays in Phuket Best Scuba Diving

Koh Racha Yai :  This  island  located  in  the  South   of   Phuket has  a  diverse  marine life; you  can  cross  path with many  species  such  as  tuna,  barracuda,  and   milkfish. Also, you can dive along coral reefs or shipwrecks.

Koh Racha Noi : This Island is two hours  south  from   Phuket,   is   known   as   the “twin  island”  of   Koh  Racha  Yai. The  diving  site  is  similar. This is also  the  island  where   you  can  dive  in deep  with  the   best visibility.

Koh Phi Phi - Phuket Best Scuba Diving


Koh Phi Phi : It is composed by  two  main  islands.  The  first  one Koh Phi Phi  Le  even  though  it  is  uninhabited,  is well known for being  the  film  set  of  the  Danny  Boyle’s  movie  “The  Beach”  with  Leonardo  DiCaprio. The second is Koh Phi Phi  Don  island   which is bigger. You could also spend the night there. This is where you can find the  most dive sites.

king cruiser


King Cruiser Wreck : The  King  Cruiser   was   a  ferry  that  sank  the  4th  of  May 1997. The  boat  was  going  from  Phuket  to  Phi  Phi  when  it  hit  the  pinnacle  of  an  anemone  reef. The  impact  divided  the reef  in two part  and  created  a wreck buried underwater surrounded by reef.

Shark Point - Phuket Best Scuba Diving


Shark point  :  The  island which is more of a pinnacle  of  reef   than  an island. This  is  the area which  every  diver  goes to ,to see  the leopard shark  or bamboo  shark.

Anemone Reef - Phuket Best Scuba Diving



Anemone Reef :  This  diving  site  is  one  of  the  best  to  see  a reef.  You can find all  sorts of  anemones and  fish that house themselves in the aquatic flowers.


Every diver can find what he wants when diving with SSS Phuket ! Whether you are coming for adventure, to observe marine life or to explore the underwater world. SSS Phuket can customize dive trips to suit your needs, just drop us a line here and we would be happy to answer your queries.


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