Oarfish discovered by tourists near Mexico.

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On the sea of Cortès tourists have made a funny encounter; they filmed the legendary oarfish or fish tape. These fishes were filmed only a few times, in fact he lives in the ocean depths (1000m). That is why this video is an unusual document.


The Oarfish

The oarfish gets its name from the Latin Word “regalis” meaning royal. This is one of the longest bony fish. Indeed the few specimens observed it seems to measure 5m average long but could reach a length of 11m. He is wearing a silver color, it has a front fin which gives it a bit of style, this fin is extending along its back.

The Legend

Because of its rarity and its unusual appearance, legends take it to a king who guided herring during their migrations. It is also known in Taiwan where after earthquakes fish corpses of these species where found on the coast.

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