Infinite scuba

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Infinite scuba is the title of the video game developed by Cascade Game Foundry in partnership with the association PADI which allows you to learn to dive.

This simulation offers a virtually exploration in real dives sites. You can see the fish species present at each site, you can photograph them, look for objects in the sea … But the main goal of this game is to learn the theoretical bases for diving.

The game is one of the finalists of the “Game Connection America’s Selected Projects Prestigious 2014” it is contesting in the category “Social, Casual & Online”.

Here are some pictures of the game, and a short video.

Infinite Scuba Screenshot 2013-11-19_09

Infinite Scuba Screenshot 2013-11-19_01


The game costs 9.99$ and runs on PC andMac.

For more information here is the official game site:

You have enough to play this game and want to try for real ? We offer scuba diving  course at :


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