Green season in Phuket

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Green season in Thailand:
A great time to visit Phuket!


In Phuket, the weather has 2 seasons: the dry season from November to April. The green season from May to October.
The temperatures are between 27 and 35° all year round. During Summer, you will get sun most of the time.

The green season is a great time to visit Phuket! It rains sometimes, but mostly the rain comes in the evening or in the night but it passes very quickly. Most days are hot and you start to wish it would rain just to cool off. It is pleasant to be refreshed because you get more sun than rain. It could be the coolest period in the year.

There are many reasons and advantages to visit Phuket during the Summer!

You can do anything in low season that you can do in high season. All the activities are open and you will get best prices. The hotel prices are very attractive because there are at their lowest. There are less crowds at the main sights as in the dry season.
Another advantage is the beautiful colors of vegetation. During the green season, the nature is on full display. In effect, during the green season you can see lush vegetation and beautiful landscapes. Enjoy for example animals watching!
You could try scuba diving with SSS Phuket with less divers in the water. After your dives, you can relax with more room at the beaches. You can also enjoy the islands like Koh Phi Phi with a private speedboat. The green season makes clear the sea.
Last but not least, the Green season is the perfect period for surfing! The waves offer great opportunity to take surfing lessons!

Visit Phuket in the Summer to make the most of your holidays!

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