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The NGO Green Cross director expressed himself on the exploitation of our oceans.

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He says that the oceans are at the origin of many things on Earth. They are the origin of life; they gave life to the first living species. For him, there is only one system of water which makes a lot of services to humanity. Condensation, rivers, rain, everything is interconnected, and the water is a necessary resource to the life and non-substitutable. Moreover, the oceans play a role on the weather and regulate the climate. Then, through photosynthesis, they capture 70% of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce the oxygen we breathe. They provide a protein on two to the human food, contain incredible species and produce useful things and naturally. What’s more to convince you? Despite this, the oceans are sick. However, there are solutions.

Indeed, the ocean is acidified, its level rises, its biodiversity is impoverished, micro pollutants will accumulate, and much more. Especially that 80% to 95% of the marine life is probably unknown.

According to the Green Cross director it should be thinking of a cultural change. By that he means, to move from a capitalist logic and a exploitation of resources logic toward a logic of knowledge, respect and reconciliation between the ecosystems. Here are the 3 priority directions that it offers:

  • The reconquest of a synergy between sustainable human activities and reconquest of lands in coastal area.
  • A new “future contract” for the human activities at sea based on responsibility.
  • The emergence of new governance on maritime territories.

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