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Thanks to the double box HERO system you can film and take pictures at the same time for then create Gopro 3D content. Video sequences can be synchronized and then converted into 3D using the GoPro Studio editing software. Namely that the double box HERO system is only compatible with GoPro HERO3 + Black Edition. The case can hold two cameras. Now you will use your 3D GoPro for your underwater videos and many other activities.

Gopro 3D HERO Double housing

Gopro 3D HERO Double housing

The double HERO housing system is water resistant to 60 meters. Control of both cameras is done through the interface of a single camera, ideal during your long days of diving at sea. The integrated mini USB port allows you to transfer data, to charge the battery and play live video when it used with the perforated rear door. So no longer need wait until evening to read your underwater videos to your computer. This can be done directly on the boat at the end of a dive or even underwater. The double HERO housing system includes two sets of curved and flat adhesive mounts for attaching to your equipment. As well as two pairs of 3D anaglyph glasses to view your 3D content.

GoPro 3D for your underwater videos will revolutionize your vision of the seabed. The dual housing HERO system is compatible with most attachments GoPro, with GoPro App, with Smart Remote and Wi-Fi Remote. However, you will need to download the latest update

HERO3+ Black Edition camera software to use the double HERO housing system. Why settle for a simple 2D view whereas with your 3D GoPro underwater videos prospects are much more realistic. To acquire this system and be able to make underwater videos unusual you will have to pay 1 174 Dollars.

GoPro 3D: how to read 3D files by connecting your camera to a TV

In order to read your files in 3D on your TV you will first convert both 2D files from your camera in one GoPro 3D media file. For this you will need to use the GoPro Studio software to create a single 3D file you have registered with the 3D HERO System. Once your file has been converted you can read it on your TV with no problem. Either from your computer or with other devices. The perfection for reliving your diving as if you were there!

SSS Phuket creates your videos to a memory even more intense!

Diving Instructors from the center SSS Phuket offer their services to keep a memory of your dive 3D video. When you are underwater you will not need to worry to film what you see, your monitor will do it for you! The video images of your dive will obviously done in our office. You just have to go get it back when it is ready. You can now watch one of our many Gopro3D underwater videos to give you an idea of rendering. This service will cost???? Baths, in addition to the price of your trip to sea.

Reservations for your diving lessons and boat trips are available on our website.


  1. Hi great sight with great info, and can’t wait till the end off the year to come to Phuket and do some snorkeling around the islands, thinking even to do a course to get my diving licence, but in need off some advice with snorkeling filters , I have a polarpro magenta filter and a polarpro red filter, for snorkling which would you recommend for the waters eg: shark point, Similan islands ,phi phi island etc.

    Kind regards

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