Enjoy scuba diving in Thailand !

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Thailand is famous for their gorgeous diving spots. It is a beautiful place to discover an amazing aquatic fauna and flora.

The former Kingdom of Siam attracts lots of tourists all year round. That’s why the country offers a large range of activities dealing with the discovery of the fauna and the flora. You will be able to taste a succulent and typical gastronomy. You will also be thrilled by the large choice of body cares available on the numerous markets of the country.

Phuket attracts yearly plenty of tourists. You will find on the island lots of differents aquatic activities that will certainly amaze you ! Since many years now, the number of dive centers have increased. They have to set up attractive prices if they want to stay competitive. Nevertheless, the price is not the only criteria that dive centers have to deal with if they want to stay on track. In fact, the service quality is the most important thing to maintain an high sale’s level. Divers are constantly looking for security and equipment’s quality. Some ingredients are compulsory to avoid clientele’s defection: an efficient training and obviously a good relationship between the dive center and their divers. If consumers are more at ease during their activity, they will remember it as a wonderful experience and the company’s review will be better.

But let’s go back to our main subject: the price. Phuket is one of the most attractive destination in the world to practice scuba diving. If you want to get your PADI Open Water, the price will generally be about 9.900 THB (about 278 dollars and 250 euros) in dive centers such as SSS Phuket par exemple..
Nevertheless, there are destinations with even more affordable prices. In Mexico for example, the price for the same certification is about 265 dollars (accounting for 250 euros).
In France, the Open Water certification costs around 450 euros whereas in Australia, 350 euros might be required for the same training.

Therefore, take advantage of the Thailand low prices to learn and enjoy scuba diving !

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