Fishing techniques: the reefs are in danger

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Indeed overfishing is deteriorating marine fauna and coral reefs. Over 20% of coral reefs have been destroyed.  Not only has the global warming deteriorated the ecosystem but also mass tourism and especially certain fishing techniques.

Non-ecological fishing techniques

–          Bottom trawling is a very destructive fishing technique. Boats sink their weighted at the bottom of the water and then shoot several kilometers yarns. Nets will then pick up all in their passage: corals and fish. This technology is a plague for wildlife. Moreover it arrives that the fishermen keeps only 20% of caught fish bodies and they rejecting unnecessary for most deaths fish in the ocean.


–          In the same vein as bottom trawling the waste rejection is one of the main problems for the degradation of the oceans .For standards and fish which cannot be eaten or do not find consumers, the number of rejection in the ocean is estimated around millions of tons of fish released. It is mainly due to industrial fishing.

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–          Fishing with explosives is another barbaric technical, very destructive. Explosions devastate the seabed, forming craters from 10 to 20 square meters. They destroyed corals and kill a large number of fish.


–          Poison is also used for fishing, especially cyanide. It kills corals and fish.

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–          The ghost fishing: it is the abandonment of the net in the ocean and some of them remain for an indefinite time and catch fish often large mammals that die in it.



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