Pelagic Species

Pelagic species regroup all the marine creatures that live in the open water. It can be the manta ray as well as the whale shark, or again the tuna. In general, those species migrate. They don’t mind traveling for thousands of kilometers to find food, following their senses to achieve their annual cycle.

pelagic species - zoneThailand is an aquatic intersection where multiple oceans and currents meet. Thus, we encounter numerous pelagic species while diving in Thailand. They often pass by our seas while migrating but do not stay for long. They come and go, and therefore in some seasons you see more manta rays, and some seasons you see more black-tip sharks.

Typical spots to observe such types of marine life are:

In general, we advise our students and customers to be Advance Open Water divers to go enjoy those spots. Why? Because bigger marine animals tend to spend time in stronger currents deeper than 18 m. To be completely ready, we even offer the specialties Drift Diving, Deep, Wreck and Enriched Air. With all this knowledge, you are trained to go enjoy the unique meeting of a whale shark next to a wreck, as deep as 40 meters!

If you need any training, don’t hesitate and contact SSS Phuket! We will be pleased to show you all that you need to know to see pelagic species.

Pelagic zone schema

Pelagic zone divisions

The Pelagic zone, where pelagic species live is divided in two zones:

  • Neritic Zone (0 – 400 m)
  • Oceanic Zone (400 – 11 000m)

The zone that interest us as divers is the Neritic Zone. But this zone can also be divided in multiple zones (cf: Fauna and Flora). In all those multiple sub-zones, the epipelagic one is where the magic happens. It is delimited from o m to 200 m. In other words, light is always or most of the time present. Coral reefs develop, and host more than 11 percent of the total known species.

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