Coral Reef Fishes

Coral Reef Fishes live close to the coral and among them. Coral reefs create an incredible biodiversity. There are hundreds of species, that lives together in small areas if the reef is healthy, coral reef have the biggest assemblage of fishes that can be found in the world. For the moment there is no scientific consensus to explain this concentration of fish in coral reefs. You won’t see all of them because they got ingenious at hidding in order to survive.

Coral reef fishes

Even if coral reefs represent less than one pourcent of the ocean but still provide shelter for 25% of the marine life. The Indo-Pacifique reefs are considered as the richest in the world, there are around 4000 to 5000 species in this habitat.

The fishes living around coral reef are particularly colorful. For some of the species, such as , their multiple color protects them. It can confuse the predators, making them think the fish is bigger, poisonous, or confuse the front and the back of their prey.

The body shap of Coral Reef Fishes is different from open water fishes. Their environment is more confined, they need to snake in and out of the coral quickly and that’s why they are mostly flat.

coral reef fishes - clownfish anemone

In this environment some fishes live in symbiosis with corals or anemones. These relationship can be beneficial to both parts or harm one of them while the other is taking the benefits. For example, Clownfishes live in anemone, they protect their home and their home protects them with their toxins. The Hawksfish stays static in fire coral to embush their prey


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