Barracudas – 3 species

Barracudas Cruising Current


Barracudas are found all over the world, but more located in tropical, warm and salty waters. We can usually spot them in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean sea, the Caribbean’s and the Indo-Pacific. In Thailand we encounter three types of barracudas: The Chevron barracuda, the Great barracuda and the Yellow-tail barracuda. Having a long and streamlined body makes them very easy to recognize.

These hunters and scavengers have a bad reputation: If you ask to anybody around you that is not an experienced diver, they will tell you that they are dangerous. Indeed, they can mislead a shining object on your arm (like a watch) as a prey. But this rarely happen. They always know what you are and maintain a safe distance with you. In some unclear waters, they might approach you more than usual, but it is only to make sure you are not a threat to them.

It is known that the more they become adults, the more they become solitary. They hunt in groups, chopping their preys in half, or joining forces to hunt a prey bigger than them. Their territory goes from shallow waters to open waters. In Thailand, they are often found next to coral reefs, patrolling the area maintaining themselves in the current. As benthopelagic fish, they are considered as typical predators.


Chevron Barracudas

Chevron Barracudas Racha Yai

Chevron Barrucadas in Racha Yai

Quite easy to recognize, Chevron barracudas are stripped black on shiny grey skin. Their mouth cannot be opened large and the teeth are not prominent. Generally found in groups, they only reaches 1 m of length. Sometimes, during a dive in Koh Phi Phi or Racha Yai, you can spot them solitarily hunting, but it is quite rare.


Great Barracudas

Great barracuda close up

Close up of a great barracuda

Great barracudas are the typical family that we see in movies. Their head look aggressive, and their mouth are often open. You can even spot the teeth as sharp as razor blades. The body is silver shiny and the fins black. They are often found in school, but less numerous than the chevron barracudas. They can grow as big as 1,9 m. We usually see them around King Cruiser or Anemone Reef.


Yellow-Tail Barracudas

Solitary Yellow Tail Barracuda

Solitary Yellow-Tail Barracuda

Very similar to the Great Barracuda, the Yellow-Tail can be recognized without efforts: its tails are yellow. The individual can reach a size of 2,0 m. You can spot it very often in Shark Point, generally in the current.


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