Benthopelagic Species

Chevron Barracudas, benthopelagic species

Chevron Barracudas in Racha Yai

Benthopelagic, in order to understand this word you need to know what Benthic and Pelagic mean. Benthic zone is the bottom of the ocean, the lowest level of a body of water. On the opposite side the Pelagic zone is neither on the bottom of the ocean nor on the top of it.

Benthopelagic species include marine creatures like the black-tip reef shark, turtles, barracudas, or the giant trevally. They all live in between the surface and the sea floor, patrolling those areas to find their preys. They are hunters in general , moving across the whole dive-site. It is easy to observe multiple groups during one excursion.

The sorts of fish inside this section have a neutral buoyancy, which means that they can they float or sink as they wish. They can achieve and control this buoyancy with the use of their oil-filled liver.

Further in this section, you can investigate which Benthopelagic species that interests you. You can read and understand more about it, and then chose a dive-site where you can encounter them!

Typically, you can observe them in spots like :

If you want to learn more about the Benthopelagic species and the rest of the marine ecosystem, you can become a Project Aware Specialist. After understanding everything about coral reefs and fish, you can take this class to protect it. You can even take action in your nearest dive center. They will help you to canalize your energy and to make a difference. We all love the ocean, and the more aware divers there are, the more protection we can give.

SSS Phuket offers all those dive spots, and takes you to observe your favorite species! You can even request an experienced private guide to get a unique experience. Diving in little groups will allow you to enjoy more your dives and enhance all your experiences.

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