Benthic Species

Benthic species envelop all the species that are living on the sea floor. Those species are generally hiding in their favorite spot, or waiting to ambush preys. Most of the time, they use camouflage to attain their goal. They differ from the Pelagic species (living in open water) or the Benthopelagic species (living close the the surface or the sea floor).

All the benthic species have what we call a negative buoyancy. They are denser than water, thus sink. It makes it easy for them to lay on the sea floor. Of course, if they need, they can swim away. Per example, when you get too close to a Scorpion fish, it will swim away from you and then stop. You can see it sinking fast to its new spot, only a few centimeters below it. This is what we call having a negative buoyancy.

Further in this section, you will read about the different type of fish that are regrouped as benthic fish: Stone fish, Scorpion fish, Stingrays, or even the flatfish.

Benthic species

Typical spots where you can find Benthic species :

In general, we ask our divers who want to appreciate more the game of looking for camouflaged species to be Advanced Open Water divers. Why? Because often the sea floor is below 18m, and the No-Decompression Time limit becomes inevitable.

All these species use camouflage as their principal weapon. Thus, you need to train to be able to spot them well. As a dynamic company, we would be pleased to offer you this training. To push the experience further, you can even become an Aware – Fish identification diver!

If you need a private guide that can teach you rapidly and effectively all the knowledge, book your day trip with SSS Phuket!

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