Easybreath, an innovative snorkeling mask

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Have you ever felt comfortable with a mask and a snorkel?

I guess the answer is no. It’s unnatural to breathe through the mouth, you always have water entering the snorkel or fog into your mask. Fortunately, a French brand, Tribord, created a full-face snorkeling mask to avoid these problems.


Easybreath, Snorkeling Mask

How does it works?

Easybreath offers you a 180 degrees field of vision thanks to its large size. It allows you to breathe through the nose or the mouth like on land. It also has a special mechanism which plugs the top of the snorkel. You will not have water entering your snorkel anymore. Like this, you can breathe easily even if you are immersed in the water. You have the possibility to adjust your mask with the elastic strap.

Moreover, the double air-flow system prevents fogging. Customers who tried Easybreath recommend the product: “No fogging and very comfortable to wear”.

Easybreath Models

How much does Easybreath cost?

This mask will cost you 40 euros, which is affordable. You can choose your size and the color. This mask can be used for underwater snorkeling but it is not suitable for deep dives.

For more informations, check this website: http://www.tribord.com/fr/la-marque/innovation/masque-facial-snorkeling-easybreath

At SSS Phuket, we don’t have this mask yet but we offer amazing snorkeling daytrips in Thailand!

2 Comments on “Easybreath, an innovative snorkeling mask”

    1. Dear Madam,

      The Full Face mask is 1,690 THB and we have in stock pink or blue. Do you need us ti keep one for you?

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