Diving in wheelchair

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With fins or wheels, it seems to operate as well. The British artist Sue Austin, who is on a wheelchair for 20 years following a long illness, has decided to use a submarine seat for expressing herself and achieve his artwork.

Sue Austin has for goal to fight prejudice on disabled people, and induced the latter to find satisfaction in the fact to be different.
A difficult and touching project which risks to intrigue more than one. I invite you to visitsĀ its Facebook page “freewheeling” for more information about this artist who seems to have no limits.

SourceĀ :http://quebec.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/04/03/plongee-sous-marine-en-fauteuil-roulant-une-artiste-handicapee-realise-son-reve_n_5084290.html#slide=3579227

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