Diving equipment 

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Diving Essentials- The Equipment

To make your diving activities possible, safer and more comfortable, we would be dedicating a post on Diving equipment .

The fundamental item of diving equipment used by divers is underwater breathing apparatus, such as scuba equipment, and surface supplied diving equipment, but there are other important pieces of equipment that make diving safer, more convenient or more efficient.

What does a diver require?

–   Diving equipment 1 : Palms- They allow the diver to move faster in the water. Shaped like the duck’s webbed feet , they provide greater contact with water . This would provide a greater propulsive force. There are two main types of palms: bi-palms ( One for each foot ) and the mono-foot ( two feet would be in a single palm). Likewise for the fasteners, there are two types : adjustable or full foot . Depending on the dive, the length of palms may vary.

palmes bi                                                          monopalme

–  Diving equipment 2- Masks: As much as divers would love, our eyes are not adapted to see underwater. The density of the light is transmitted differently. Masks are usually made of silicone and are equipped with tempered glass secure.The mask would go under pressure underwater and that is why the nose should be in the mask to balance the pressure by blowing into the mask.

masques plo

–  Diving Equipment 3 – Wetsuit: The wetsuit helps to protect against low temperatures underwater. These changes in temperature would cause significant energy expenditure in humans because of the large heat exchange which is why the the wetsuit is essential. The wetsuit is usually made of neoprene,an isothermique material which is comfortable for movement underwater. The thickness of the wetsuit can vary from 1 to 8mm.

There are 2 main kinds of wetsuit:

1) Consists of a jacket, a pair of trousers and slippers. Gloves and a hood can be added. This kind of wetsuit allows water to enter between the suit and the skin. The water would eventually warm up during the dive. The integral wetsuit is very popular today.

2) Drysuit , as the name suggests does not allow water to enter. There is some space which separates the skin from the suit. Air is injected through an inflator connected to the bottle which will then serve as a thermal insulator. Moreover , this will allow better buoyancy.


-Diving Equipment 4 –Pressure regulator-The instrument that allows the air to go in and out of the cylinder.


– Diving Equipment 5-Gauge– An instrument used to measure the pressure.


–  Diving Equipment 6-Dive Computer – This will perform calculations and provide useful data for the diver. It provides data such as water temperature, heart rate of the diver and the air reserve .It also follows the descent of the plunger measuring speed dive, lift, and provides information about the different level.This would assist the diver throughout the dive.


–    Diving Equipment 7-Marker Buoy-It shows the different levels of bearing for divers and indicates the location where the divers would emerge.


Now we are ready to dive !

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