Dive GoPro, colors and contrast

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Dive GoPro is great and saving these memories gets even better !


Diving GoPro using the GoPro3+ camera  is the way to go as it is the TOP pick for its category!

How you handle the camera underwater while you dive GoPro is essential. It can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many accessories that would be able to help in this aspect.

One of which is the “perch” which reduces shocks and movements . “Selfies” are made easier and this is available without having to break the bank.


Dive GoPro, Diving Tips

Unlike normal cameras, the GoPro does not include a screen. One must capture images or videos “blindly” during the dive.

Fret not ! Being wide- angled. The GoPro would enable you to capture a larger frame ! Then, you would  be able to crop the video into a good- sized frame viewed on the computer or TV screen.

Another important point to note , a red or purple filter. It is a necessity to dive GoPro more than five meters deep. In fact, we lose the red quickly below the surface. This happen when the light is crossing the water. As such the red cannot illuminate the background.

Thus ,the video rendering will be predominantly blue and green,
which can be seen from the photo as shown below.


The costs for this filter range between 10 € and 120 €.

The filter can be attached directly to the lens underwater and looks like this .

backscatter_gopro_flip3_all_filterHere is a little video to give you a better idea.

Want to capture your finest moments underwater during a scuba GoPro dive or even a fun GoPro dive?

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Be assured that the memories on these dive GoPro trips would be well captured ! Our instructors and Divemasters  use GoPro with accessories to compliment each dive.

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Watch out! Our SSS Phuket team would be making our first 3D movie underwater. We would use the GoPro 3C Dual camera soon!



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