Coral reefs

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Coral reefs are ecological niches. They are among the richest ecosystems on the planet. There are an exceptional diversity because of the large number of fish, and its corals. There are two main types of corals, soft and hard. The hard one forms the basis of coral. They secrete limestone which forms a hard rock for the development of others and provide a rich fauna.

There are four different coral reefs

–         The fringing reef is separated by small channel, it is extending along a land mass. Most are located in the West Indies and reunion.


–          The barrier reef is separated from the island by a lagoon up to several kilometers. It is present in New Caledonia and Mayotte, the best known is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

recif barriere mayotte

–          The double barrier reef has two parallel barriers, they are very rare.

double barrière mayotte

–          The atoll forms a circle and generally surrounds a lagoon. It is present in the high seas. They are found in New Caledonia and French Polynesia.

atoll fiji



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