Coral Reefs Creation Project

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Coral Reefs Creation Project

Many think we can only watch the coral die. At SSS Phuket we don’t believe it and we decided to take action, we created the Coral Reefs Creation Project.

coral reefs creation project dead
The marine environment is currently greatly suffering because of pollution, boats, human activity, global warming, fishing … The Coral Reef Creation project has been developped to restore Coral Reefs and help marine life to take back its environment. This project won’t harm the environment, it’s made without machines and we don’t impact the existing corals. The goal is to create the essential habitat for the development of a full-fledged coral reef ecosystem.

We are the Scuba Diving center SSS Phuket, so we can provide the entire workforce necessary for the project and that is why we would take care of all the settling and the monitoring. Time is counted, and we think we have the chance to give back Thailand and Phuket some of its old time shining.

We have the knowledge to restore coral reefs. We have done some restoration studies and underwater tests. We will work in cooperation with the Thai government so that we can create a brand new section of the natural coral reef of Kata Beach.

coral reefs creation project healthy

Our Job

The implementation takes around 2 weeks.

Step 1

We create steel structures and sink them (even possible on a sandy sea-bed).

  • coral reefs creation project structure

  • coral reefs creation project structure 2

Step 2

We create natural rocks with seashell wastes and we sink it into the structure so it stays in place and look as natural as possible.

  • coral reefs creation project

  • coral reefs creation project

Step 3

We attach actual coral on the structure to let them grow around it.
Then we monitor the reef once a week to help the coral developing itself.


The results

Within 6 months, a fully- fledged marine ecosystem is created. The food chain is complete, the reef healthy and shelters provided.

Small fish will be directly attracted to this new available shelter and nursery. And preys will attract predators …

coral reefs creation project chart

We can see that in only one month fishes populate the reef, we go from 3 species to 24. And in only 6 month the reef is inhabited by all the 30 species of fish.

The ecosystem is restored and can live on its own without the human help anymore.

coral reefs creation project fishes

In only 1 year the biomass of the fish settled around the reef doubles.

The reef after a year :

coral reef creation project 1 year

coral reefs creation project 1year

The reef after 2 years : 

coral reefs creation project 2years

At SSS Phuket we are 100% involved in this project and we believe that the marine life beauty can be saved with a little effort. We are doing our best to make this project a success, this is your chance to help us by participating to our crowdfunding

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