Seafood, choose it well

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Keep Calm and choose your seafood well!

Many of us have seafood in our diets. Have you wondered how the ocean is replenishing itself to feed the growing population?

In fact, you think “Plenty of fish available in the ocean ? ” Answer is ” Not always”.

Ocean overfishing is simply the taking of wildlife from the sea at rates too high for fished species to replace themselves.

Over-fishing concerns everyone. Every individual can make an effort to help oceans rebuild themselves. Making a conscious effort in choosing the kind of seafood you eat you will help to save many endangered species.

In order to take part in this cause, take a look at the info-graphic below.

Seafood infographic



There are many varieties of seafood. We may not be fully aware of the how some species are driven near extinction due to the high global demand of that particular seafood. For instance, in Japan there is a huge sushi and seafood market. The high demand of the highly prized Bluefin tuna has driven the once ubiquitous species to the brink of extinction.

Sharkfinning is another good illustration.

shark finning massacreIt is an extremely brutal. A shark is caught, pulled onboard and have its fins cut off. The shark which is still alive is then tossed back into the sea to drown or bleed to death. This is not only cruel but wasteful. All for the demand for shark fins to be sold commercially at exorbitant prices. These animals so vital to the ecosystem are about to be wiped out because of these practices. Sharks regulate the ecosystem as they are one of the major predators in the ocean cycle . Imagine an Ocean without them.

What is exactly so great about the shark fin?


They have no nutritional value and are practically tasteless. When it comes to shark fin soup, all the flavor comes from the broth. The fins are added just for texture and novelty. The shark fin is merely a status symbol and a mark of tradition.

What is exactly so great about the shark fin?


Sharks in fact do not feed on humans. Shark attacks are in fact, overblown by the media and the numbers are small. Of course they look extremely aggressive and movies like ” Jaws” would accentuate that.

Just for trivia- You would be surprised but dogs, yes, man’s best friend (supposedly) are
responsible for more human attacks compared to sharks.

This might give you more confidence and assurance to see a shark up-close someday.

leopard shark-shark poinSSS Phuket offers dives in certain islands of Phuket where we often spot sharks. Some of which are Shark Point, Koh Phi Phi and the Similan National Park.We have certified instructors and divemasters who can share their knowledge about the different species underwater when you are diving. You would be surprised to see that they are often more afraid of us.

Diving would give you a fantastic opportunity to understand the life underwater better. Also, the importance of preserving and taking care of this part of the environment.

For more information about the dive courses at SSS Phuket, please click here.

Once again, we would urge you to choose your seafood wisely.

” Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.”

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