Diving in wheelchair

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With fins or wheels, it seems to operate as well. The British artist Sue Austin, who is on a wheelchair for 20 years following a long illness, has decided to use a submarine seat for expressing herself and achieve his artwork. Sue Austin has for goal to fight prejudice on disabled people, and induced the latter to find satisfaction in … Read More

Climate warming

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Since a few years we listen more and more talk about climate warming and its adverse effects. Actually, in 20 years the level of the oceans has increased more than 6 centimeters. But this is not all; some cities registered a sag in the ground such as Jakarta or Bangkok which are broken through 3 meters with time. This subsidence … Read More

Hunting wrecks !

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You may guess seas and oceans of our planet overflow of wrecks. Some are even specialized in the research of wrecks because this proves viable, even very viable! Unfortunately some wrecks have also taken away their treasures forever in the seabed in fact of currents, sands and erosions. This business is so profitable that even States acquired this activity. Moreover … Read More

The fish man : Tim Arrow

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Tim Arrow a South African diver has established a new world record by remaining 10 days, so 240 hours under water and thus has beaten the previous record of Michael Stephens who had remained under water for 212 hours. Therefore our diver has largely beaten the record in remaining 28 hours more underwater; however this was not without risk. Indeed, … Read More

SOS !!!

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  No panic! This acronym means Support Ocean Sanctuaries and it is a Greenpeace international campaign in which the Organization engage itself to maintain and improve the marine life by contesting against the major forces of destruction of the oceans which are overfishing, mining, drilling, pollution, and, climate changes. You too, you can send an SOS to Greenpeace and support … Read More

Wi-Fi under the sea

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The Wi-Fi under water would be great? Why? Unfortunately not to bring its smartphone or laptop with itself when it’s diving! In fact, New York researchers have developed a new wireless underwater communications standard. Before that we managed to capture data in water but not to share them directly and instantly. However, now with our smartphone or notebook we can … Read More

Jellyfish that never dies

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Motherboard an online magazine from the website vice.com went to meet a scientist in Japan, Professor Kubota. Passionate of medusa, we can see him studying this species in video, he also sings songs about jellyfish. Here is a report on a particular species that has the ability to regenerate its cells or rather reverse the aging process. This jellyfish is … Read More

Prototype: Triton Oxygen Respirator

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Breathe underwater like a fish is a dream for many divers, in the future this may be real with the Triton Oxygen Respirator. Korean developer Jeabyun Yeon in collaboration with the designer Accord is currently developing a respirator underwater, which can make us think of the respirator used by Qui Gon Jin and Obiwan Star Wars. Triton Oxygen Respirator is … Read More