Coral reefs

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Coral reefs are ecological niches. They are among the richest ecosystems on the planet. There are an exceptional diversity because of the large number of fish, and its corals. There are two main types of corals, soft and hard. The hard one forms the basis of coral. They secrete limestone which forms a hard rock for the development of others … Read More

Astronauts trains in scuba diving.

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NASA will begin its training program for a team compound by Americans, Japanese and Canadian astronauts. The training will take place in the Atlantic near from the coast of Florida. The mission The mission consists in the exploration of an asteroid and the main problem is that asteroids do not have attraction, the gravity is very low, almost nonexistent. So … Read More

Oceans and drugs

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Many drugs are derived from plant and animal species. In fact 155,000 products from natural resources of the earth have been marketed, against 11,000 products of marine origin. Drugs from the ocean That is why the scientists are turning more to the seabed because according to them, 80 to 95% of the living organisms in the oceans have not been … Read More

Green cross: save our ocean

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The NGO Green Cross director expressed himself on the exploitation of our oceans.   He says that the oceans are at the origin of many things on Earth. They are the origin of life; they gave life to the first living species. For him, there is only one system of water which makes a lot of services to humanity. Condensation, rivers, … Read More

Apnea and thoughts

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Have you ever wondered to what thought a free diver when he was in apnea? Imanol Corcostegui, journalist, has interviewed professional free divers about what they felt and what they thought before and during their discipline, whether it is in constant weight, depth under the sea, or of static apnea. What free divers describe can be summed up in two … Read More

The future snorkeling: Platypus

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A new machine has been invented by the company Platypus Craft. This Start-Up is specialized in the design, development, and selling of innovative nautical craft for the professionals nautical market and for the military market. But what is this machine? Platypus innovation This invention has been named “Platypus” and revolutionized the underwater exploration. This gear is semi-submersible and allows you … Read More

Black holes in the oceans

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In fact, these black holes are eddies and are called “black holes” because they have many similarities with the latter. Scientists have discovered eddies in the Atlantic ocean, some may even reach more than 150 km in diameter and be active for months and even years.      It is thanks to satellites and their calculations that scientists have identified … Read More

Sleep Underwater: Manta Resort

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Well yes,thanks to Mata Resort that is possible, fall asleep to the gentle sound of the swell, and waking up surrounded by fish does more part of your dreams. However this is still very recent and you only can try the experience if you spend your holidays on the island of Pemba, the coast of Tanzania. In the Indian Ocean, … Read More