Green season in Phuket

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scuba diving 10 health benefits

The green season is a great time to visit Phuket! It rains sometimes, but mostly the rain comes in the evening or in the night but it passes very quickly. Most days are hot and you start to wish it would rain just to cool off. It is pleasant to be refreshed because you get more sun than rain. It … Read More

Enjoy scuba diving in Thailand !

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Thailand is famous for their gorgeous diving spots. It is a beautiful place to discover an amazing aquatic fauna and flora. The former Kingdom of Siam attracts lots of tourists all year round. That’s why the country offers a large range of activities dealing with the discovery of the fauna and the flora. You will be able to taste a … Read More

The largest Marine Reserve in the world

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Pitcairn Islands are situated in the South Pacific and belong to the UK. The protected zone cover 834,000 square kilometers, that is to say, bigger than the states of California. Fishing in this marine reserve is prohibited except for traditional fishing by the local population. How did this happen? The site is composed of four remote islands which are Pitcairn, … Read More

A Vegetable Garden Under the Sea

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Nemo's garden

Off the coast of Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea, plants are growing underwater. “Nemo’s garden” is situated 8 meters deep, this project experiments underwater crops of basil, a flagship product in this region. Who had this amazing idea? Sergio Gamberini is the CEO of Ocean Reef, a company which provides diving equipment. He had this idea during summer holidays in … Read More


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Thanks to the double box HERO system you can film and take pictures at the same time for then create Gopro 3D content. Video sequences can be synchronized and then converted into 3D using the GoPro Studio editing software. Namely that the double box HERO system is only compatible with GoPro HERO3 + Black Edition. The case can hold two … Read More

Phuket Best Scuba Diving

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Phuket is one of the top spots for best scuba diving . Thailand is known all over the world for its beautiful nature and wild islands. It is though not difficult to figure out why Phuket has one of the best scuba diving. Phuket is surrounded by many islands, each of them different from another. All these islands have their … Read More