Underwater Photography, The Contest

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Sea horse SSS Phuket underwater photography

“Most photos are worth a thousand words. Underwater ones are worth at least a million.” – Stephen Frink To promote underwater photography, the University of Miami Rosenstiel School collaborates with the Marine and Atmospheric Science to organize a contest for underwater photography annually . The contest is open to amateur photographers who earn no more than 20 percent of their income from … Read More

Underwater target shooting

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Underwater target shooting is a sport which was created in France 20 years ago. The underwater hunters have developed it in order to practice. At the beginning the shooting take place vertically (from the surface to the ground). Nowadays the sport has 4 disciplines. Four Disciplines –          Marksmanship: the man dives for 10 minutes to complete 10 shots in apnea … Read More

Peter Scoones: RIP

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The famous photographer English cameraman Peter Scoones died peacefully the April 20, 2014 at the age of 76. He started diving in Singapore with Air Royal Force where he was a photographer. There he learned to repair all types of camera he built different types of cover for sealed devices. Then he created with friends an organization “the British Underwater … Read More

Underwater museum

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In Puerto Morales, a small village near Cancun, the sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor had the idea to exhibit his works underwater. The underwater museum has about 500 statues arranged on 150 square meters. They are made of a special cement so that they blend into nature and the corals and the fish are growing there as an artificial reef. … Read More