Oceans and drugs

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Many drugs are derived from plant and animal species. In fact 155,000 products from natural resources of the earth have been marketed, against 11,000 products of marine origin. Drugs from the ocean That is why the scientists are turning more to the seabed because according to them, 80 to 95% of the living organisms in the oceans have not been … Read More

Black holes in the oceans

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In fact, these black holes are eddies and are called “black holes” because they have many similarities with the latter. Scientists have discovered eddies in the Atlantic ocean, some may even reach more than 150 km in diameter and be active for months and even years.      It is thanks to satellites and their calculations that scientists have identified … Read More

Jellyfish that never dies

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Motherboard an online magazine from the website vice.com went to meet a scientist in Japan, Professor Kubota. Passionate of medusa, we can see him studying this species in video, he also sings songs about jellyfish. Here is a report on a particular species that has the ability to regenerate its cells or rather reverse the aging process. This jellyfish is … Read More

Peter Scoones: RIP

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The famous photographer English cameraman Peter Scoones died peacefully the April 20, 2014 at the age of 76. He started diving in Singapore with Air Royal Force where he was a photographer. There he learned to repair all types of camera he built different types of cover for sealed devices. Then he created with friends an organization “the British Underwater … Read More