Black holes in the oceans

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In fact, these black holes are eddies and are called “black holes” because they have many similarities with the latter. Scientists have discovered eddies in the Atlantic ocean, some may even reach more than 150 km in diameter and be active for months and even years.

Tourbillons océaniques    trous noirs

It is thanks to satellites and their calculations that scientists have identified many similarities with the black holes that are found in the space. The black holes in space do not inhale the light, but it is positioned around the hole and is trapped forever. It is the same for eddies, they will not allow the subject escape, and each drift through the ocean during a year without losing a single drop of water.

These holes are also traps for any fish which which would try to go through it because it is, in fact, impossible to get out.

Scientists continue the research because they also feel that these eddies play an important role on the climate of our beautiful planet.

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