Apnea and thoughts

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Have you ever wondered to what thought a free diver when he was in apnea?

Imanol Corcostegui, journalist, has interviewed professional free divers about what they felt and what they thought before and during their discipline, whether it is in constant weight, depth under the sea, or of static apnea.

What free divers describe can be summed up in two parts: the first is a state of reverie or semi-stunning method which gives a feeling of pleasure, while the second seems to be the descent to hell, characterized by the lack of oxygen. Morgan Bourch’is from the team of France and who can remain seven minutes immersed explain us this state of pleasure: “We must find the relaxation, a contemplation of itself. The images can go through the head but it must not attach to them. In these first few minutes, this is a perfect fusion: you are with the liquid element and not against. It is a deep well-being”.



Then, the second part is less pleasant and seems much longer. Each has its own technique to cope with it. Here are the main methods that professional free divers use:

  • The Sophrology
  • Don’t listen to its body
  • Make up a little story
  • Sing a song or recite a poem
  • Go crazy in all directions

However, for free diving in constant weight, it is not the same, in summarize this is that:

  • From 0 to 20 meters: think only of its movements
  • The end of the descent, excitation of meaning
  • Beginning of the rise: pursuit of fun
  • End of the raising: the fight



Of course all this is only a big summary of what can feel free divers. That is why I invite you to read the article of Imanol Corcostegui to see the different testimonies.

Hereabouts: http://rue89.nouvelobs.com/rue89-sport/2012/11/04/quoi-pense-lapneiste-pendant-les-longues-minutes-ou-il-est-sous-leau-236614

And you if you are a free diver, what do you think?

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