Anemone Reef

Anemone reef is a wonderful diving site only located at 45km East of Phuket. This place is called Him Jom in Thai which means the submerged rock. It is well-known by divers because of its wide coverage of anemone . One of the species that is commonly spotted is the clown fish. The moderate currents coupled with a good visibility (up to 20 meters) make the Anemone reef an ideal spot for divers. Moreover, you can cross paths with many schools of marine life namely barracuda, tuna, and kingfish; not forgetting the moray eels, scorpion fish and squid.

  • Anemone Reef
  • Anemone Reef

Macro lovers will be very delighted, from the picture above, The Tiger-tail seahorse can be seen. The Mantis shrimp and the popular Harlequin shrimp are also part of the dive site. Gorgeous nudibranches are a common sighting as well.

You will also have the opportunity to explore The King Cruiser wreck; it was a ship which sank after hitting the rocks on Anemone Reef. Occasionally( with some luck) , you will spot leopard sharks that come to visit as the site close to Shark Point where this species proliferate.

In some occasions, divers had an opportunity to meet the Giant Magnificent whale shark. This occurrences are usually during the right season from November to May.

Anemone Reef Fishes

The Anemone reef site is not advised for beginners. In fact, it is actually not a difficult dive site, however the top part of the rock is a few meters below the surface and when there are moderate to strong currents present, it could make the decent more challenging.

This dive site is recommended to anyone who already has the Open Water certification.


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