An Underwater Museum in Cancun

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You’re a contemporary art lover ? This museum is for you !


Underwater contemporary art museum

Underwater Museum Cancun

Who created this underwater museum?

The biggest underwater contemporary art museum in the world opened in 2009. It’s situated off the coast of Isla Mujeres and Cancun in Mexico. This ambitious project was found in the most part by Jason deCaires Taylor, a famous English sculptor. He has created the first underwater museum of sculptures in Molinere Bay in the Caribbean sea.


Underwater contemporary art museum

Volkswagen in the Underwater Museum


This unusual museum wants to make visitors fully aware of the coral reef’s fragility. The underwater museum of Cancun has more than 500 life-size sculptures. They were all created by mexicans artists. They are using concrete and natural materials. Like this, they are participating in the conservation of ocean ressources present in the Quintana Roo. All the sculptures create an artificial reef where seaweed and coral are growing. In this way, marine species who are suffering from numerous visitors get a new habitat.


Underwater contemporary art museum

Sculpture in the Underwater Museum

What can you see?

The underwater contemporary art museum is divided into two galleries. The « Salon Manchones » is eight meters deep. It’s reachable with a mask and a snorkel, it’s also open for scuba divers. The second one, « Salon Nizuc », is only destined for snorkeling activities. It is four meters deep. The collection created by Jason deCaires Taylor is called “The Silent Evolution”. His sculptures are showing the interaction between humans and their environment. We can see especially a 8 tons Volkswagen which is perfectly living with fishes. The scenes are very realistic : a man watching TV, a pregnant woman or an old man making faces.

According to the « World Resources Institute », corals will be all threatened in 2050. Because of the carbon dioxide, the pollution and the overfishing. This project is a good mean of discovering art and participating in the environment protection.

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