A Vegetable Garden Under the Sea

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Nemo's garden

Off the coast of Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea, plants are growing underwater. “Nemo’s garden” is situated 8 meters deep, this project experiments underwater crops of basil, a flagship product in this region.

Who had this amazing idea?

Sergio Gamberini is the CEO of Ocean Reef, a company which provides diving equipment. He had this idea during summer holidays in Italy. He wanted to do something different, to set up a new form of crop production.

He plans to plant strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes and beans. For now, he is authorized to carry out this activity only from June to September to not disturb the seabed. However Sergio Gamberini maintains that his garden under the sea has no impact on the ecosystem. He would also like to develop the concept by creating a small greenhouse for individuals.

How does it work?

Plastic cloche has been installed 8 meters under the sea with a platform that allows divers to stand and take care of the plants. The humidity rate is about 83% under the cloche thanks to evaporation and the plants get 60% of light. It is enough for plants growth. Like this, plantations are protected against destructive insects. In addition, the water temperature remains constant, around 25 degrees day and night.

For what purpose?

“Eventually, this could be a solution for arid seaside” declares Sergio Gamberini. It’s hard to grow vegetables in a region where temperatures are changing suddenly at night. It could also be a solution for developing countries, some of them don’t have a stable growing environment for plants.

This innovation has been recognized at the Universal Exhibition in Milan, the garden under the sea therefore has a bright future.

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