A reserve of freshwater under the sea

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The problem of the water crisis is part of our daily lives, and some people are trying to seek solutions to this problem. Well a solution is may be possible.


Freshwater reserve under the sea?


Australian scientists have found in different places of the world that the seabed contained vast aquifers of water almost soft and clean. It could be exploited in order to relieve the groundwater aquifers terrestrial. Not far, from half a million cubic kilometers of water would be available in these vast aquifers. It represents three times the freshwater on the surface.

However, this water is not pure, it is salty, even if it is much less than the one of the oceans. So it would be possible to extract the water, remove the salt and distribute it to the coastal cities of these aquifers. These reserves are derived from the flow of rain, that’s why the water is a little bit salty. It could be a solution to the water crisis. It would stop periodically the overexploitation of continental groundwater.

For more information, check this website: http://www.maxisciences.com/eau/une-fantastique-reserve-d-eau-douce-se-cacherait-sous-le-sous-sol-marin_art31585.html

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